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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your project unique?

OpSec combines a focus on security, privacy, ease of use, and computational power. With OpSec VPS solutions and our emphasis on decentralized infrastructure, we aim to empower both developers and everyday users within the blockchain ecosystem.

How does your token launch integrate with the project roadmap?

Our token plays a vital role in incentivizing node operators, governance mechanisms, ecosystem rewards, etc. The token launch on Uniswap establishes the foundation for a thriving community and aligns the incentives of participants in our network.

What is the advantage of the '1-click run' node on OpSec?

Running the 1-click node eliminates the technical complexities often associated with setting up and managing your nodes on the network. This lowers the barrier to entry, making participation in various networks accessible to a wider audience.

Can you elaborate on your privacy-centric features?

We implement zero-knowledge proofs, differential privacy, secure multi-party computation and so on. These features protect user data and transactions, offering an added layer of security in the blockchain realm.

What is Cloudverse, and how will it work?

Cloudverse is our decentralized cloud platform offering GPUs, VPS solutions, and validator services. It provides developers and users access to powerful computational resources with a strong emphasis on security and privacy.

How do you select which chains to support for node operation?

We consider a combination of factors including community demand, technical feasibility, developer interest, alignment with our project's vision. We also welcome community suggestions.

What will the core features of your OpSec L1 be?

OpSec L1 will prioritize scalability, low fees, specific security or privacy mechanisms, and developer-friendliness. It is designed to complement existing blockchains and expand the possibilities within our ecosystem. We Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism (PoS), Proof of Cloud Consensus Mechanism (PoC), Modular Architecture, Data Availability.