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Phase 1: Establishing Foundation and Visibility

  • Token Launch on Uniswap: Clearly define token utility, tokenomics, and launch strategy to attract investors and establish a strong project foundation.
  • OpSec Cloudbot Release: Emphasize the bot's unique features and how it adds value for users. Consider a public demo to showcase capabilities.
  • Network Node Launch (Selective Chains): Prioritize strategically valuable chains (Bittensor, Taiko, Eigenlayer, Optimism, Berachain, etc.) based on potential ROI, market demand, and technical alignment with the project.
  • Privacy Feature Focus: Articulate specific enhancements and how they differentiate the project in the privacy-focused landscape.

Phase 2: GPU Expansion and Mainstream Exchange Listings

  • GPU Optimization for Diverse Applications.
  • Cloudverse Launch (Nodes Marketplace, GPUs, VPS, Validators).
  • Major Exchange Listings: Strategically target exchanges for greater project exposure and trading volume.
  • Testnet -> Mainnet : Incentivised
  • Launch of TAO / Bittensor Validator.

Phase 3: Scaling and Continued Growth

  • Network Node Expansion (50+ Chains): Develop a transparent selection process driven by community input and technical viability.
  • Continued GPU Optimization.
  • More Major Exchange Listings.

Phase 4: IPFS and Cloud Deployment Product

  • Launch of OneSec for decentralized storage, project deployment, domains and DNS management.
  • OneSec CI/CD for automation of project deployment.
  • Introduction OneSec Domain provision and DNS management system.
  • OpSec staking feature to enable users access free nodes by staking $OpSec token.
  • CloudSec hardware product development.

Phase 5: Security, Automation, Cross-chain Focus and L1 Launch

  • CloudSec Launch: Router for users to browse securely with private IPs.
  • AI Automation for Cloud Deployment: Provide concrete examples of how AI simplifies deployment and reduces operational overhead for users.
  • Rollup and Cross-Chain Integration: Outline target rollups and chains for interoperability, enhancing the project's value within a multi-chain environment.
  • OpSec L1 Testnet Launch: Generate community excitement and allow thorough testing and feedback.
  • OpSec L1 Mainnet Launch: Prioritize security audits and transparency throughout the process to instill user confidence.
  • Launch of One-click miners: Pre-configured miners to enable easy participation in the network for users with minimal technical knowledge.