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OpSec Nodes

Effortless Node Deployment at Your Fingertips

Say goodbye to the complexities of node setup in the DeFi world. With our one-click deployment, choosing and launching your node is as simple as a single click. We handle the heavy lifting, from installation to troubleshooting, ensuring you don't get caught up with hours of research, package installations, or error fixes.

To get started visit

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Add credits to your account
  3. Select a node from marketplace
  4. Click deploy!

Don't let technical hurdles slow you down. Just click, deploy, and enjoy.


ChainNetworkNode Requirements and GuideTestnet/MainnetNode Type
Taikotaiko.xyzRun a Taiko NodeTESTNETFull Node
LINEAlinea.buildRun a NodeTESTNETFull Node
Zorazora.coZora Node TutorialTESTNETFull Node
Optimismoptimism.ioRun a NodeTESTNETFull Node
Starknetstarknet.ioRun a nodeTESTNETFull Node
Celestiacelestia.orgRun a nodeTESTNETLight Node
Availavailproject.orgBecome a ValidatorTESTNETFull Node
Bevmbevm.ioRun a nodeTESTNETValidator Node


ChainNetworkNode Requirements and GuideTestnet/MainnetNode Type
XAIxai.gamesNode Requirements and GuideMAINNETSentry Node how to operate a Myria NodeMAINNETValidator Node
Streamrstreamr.networkRun a nodeMAINNETRelay Node
Basebase.orgRun a Base NodeTESTNETFull Node
Venomvenom.foundationRun a nodeTESTNETValidator Node


ChainNetworkNode Requirements and GuideTestnet/Mainnet
Penumbrapenumbra.zoneJoin TestnetTESTNET
Babylonbabylonchain.ioSetup NodeTESTNET
Shardeumshardeum.orgValidator NodeTESTNET
Wakuwaku.orgOperator GuideMAINNET
Behamutbahamut.ioBecome a ValidatorTESTNET
Holographholograph.xyzQuick Start CLITESTNET
Elixerelixir.financeRunning an Elixer Validator-
Juneojuneo.comSet up and Connect a Node ManuallyTESTNET
Muonmuon.netStep-by-Step How to Install Muon NodeTESTNET
Hyptopiahytopia.comCompany Overview-
SSVssv.networkCreating a New Validator-
Iron fishironfish.networkIntegration Local-
OBOL networkobol.techQuickstart-
Pulse chainlaunchpad.pulsechain.comLaunchpad-
Monadmonad.xyzRunning a Node-
Bits Crunchbitscrunch.comOperator-
quai networkqu.aiDocs-
mangatamangata.financeAVS Operator FAQ-
eigenlayereigenlayer.xyzEigenlayer Node Classes-
powerloompowerloom.ioFull Node-
zeta chainzetachain.comRunning a Full Node-
humans aihumans.aiGuide-
nibirunibiru.fiFull Nodes-
pushpush.orgPush Delivery Nodes-